Monday, 7 May 2018

New Timetable information from the staff

We intend to implement and trial the new timetable from Week 3 Term 2.

Students arrive at school, after 8:30,  already having breakfast and prepared for the day.

9 - 11am Learning session 1 

10am - 10:10
Brain breaks will be approximately 5-10 minutes long. Time for an easy to eat, nourishing snack. This brain break is intended as an easy to eat, nourishing snack that provides some good energy between breakfast and morning tea.

They are also a chance for each student to take a breath, take a short walk for water or an approved brain-break food snack.

11am:- 11:30 
Morning tea. - another top up snack and outside play.

11:30 - 1pm- 
Learning session 2

1pm - 1:45pm 

1:45 - 3pm- 
Learning Session 3

​Many thanks!
Nga mihi nui, the Brooklyn staff.

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