Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Keeping Ourselves Safe

                  Room Sunflower Information      

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Just to let you know that we have been doing a small unit in our classroom this week called “Keeping ourselves safe” within our Healthy Me topic. This is a unit run by our community police liaison, Constable Charlotte. We are continuing to talk about these ideas in class too. These are the areas we will look at:

1. Confident me
2. Safe or unsafe?
3. No excuse for abuse
4. Why should I tell?
5. What have we learnt?
If you want to know more, you can look at the following link

I have asked the children to all learn their address, home phone number and a parental mobile number that they may need to use in a situation that they feel unsafe. We have also talked about creating a family password word that can be passed onto trusted adults within your friends or family if you need them to pick up your child.

Kind regards,

Kat Rayson

Year 5/6 teacher
Room Sunflower
Brooklyn School

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Information on school camp

    Room Sunflower Camp Info 2018      
Dear Parents and Caregivers,

This newsletter is to inform you that I have made arrangements for our 2018 class camp. Our theme this year is “growing together” so I have chosen to use Bethany Camp at Kaiteriteri in order to make the most of the wonderful natural environment on our doorstep.

The dates for our camp are Wednesday 14th, Thursday 15th and Friday 16th November. I know it is towards the end of the year but I have chosen these dates so we hopefully have wonderful weather to enjoy and it is halfway through Term 4 rather than at the end.

The outline of what we will be doing is as follows:

Wednesday: Get to camp and enjoy some of the activities available there such as the waterslide, orienteering, golf, adventure playground and games.                      

Thursday: Drive to Marahau, walk in the National Park to Anchorage Beach. We will get a sea shuttle back to Kaiteriteri, enjoy the playground and flying fox. Then back to camp for dinner followed by a night time glow worm walk.
Friday: Pack up camp, then go to Kaiteriteri to have a wonderful adventure of working together to paddle 2 giant wakas to Split Apple Rock Beach and back! We will then have lunch and some beach activities before returning to school by 3pm. I can’t wait! I’m so excited! I have no doubts this will be an experience for our children to remember forever.

The costs for this 3 day / 2-night adventure will be approx. $135.00. We can bring this cost down considerably by doing some fundraising. I am keen to meet with any parents who would be interested in being part of a team that works on this for the benefit of all the class. I would like to call a meeting next week, Wednesday 30th May, after school at 3pm to discuss this, please come along with your fabulous ideas.

Josie, in our school office is always happy to discuss payment plans with parents. You could pay a small amount weekly, fortnightly or monthly, whatever works for your family.

As always, I am available to discuss with you, any concerns or questions you may have.
Please contact me via email kat@brooklyn.school.nz or leave a message with the office for me to call you.

Kind regards,

Kat Rayson

Year 5/6 teacher
Room Sunflower
Brooklyn School

Monday, 7 May 2018

New Timetable information from the staff

We intend to implement and trial the new timetable from Week 3 Term 2.

Students arrive at school, after 8:30,  already having breakfast and prepared for the day.

9 - 11am Learning session 1 

10am - 10:10
Brain breaks will be approximately 5-10 minutes long. Time for an easy to eat, nourishing snack. This brain break is intended as an easy to eat, nourishing snack that provides some good energy between breakfast and morning tea.

They are also a chance for each student to take a breath, take a short walk for water or an approved brain-break food snack.

11am:- 11:30 
Morning tea. - another top up snack and outside play.

11:30 - 1pm- 
Learning session 2

1pm - 1:45pm 

1:45 - 3pm- 
Learning Session 3

​Many thanks!
Nga mihi nui, the Brooklyn staff.

Library Time!

Town Library Visit!

Tomorrow, on Wednesday, we will go into town to visit the town library.

Bring your library books back and bring along your own library card so you can get books out to take home.

New Timetable News!

New Timetable starts in Week 3

This morning Kat told us about the changes to the timetable that are starting in Week 3.
In groups we discussed it and did a PMI chart, what we thought was positive, minus and interesting about it.

We thought it was a good idea to have 3 sessions in the morning when our brains are active.
We liked the idea of a brain food snack at 10.00.
We were not happy about losing 5 minutes play.
We realised we all had to have breakfast before we came to school so we can learn.

Have a look at the school website at www.brooklyn.school.nz to see the news about the changes.

By Charlie and Kat