Term 3 Homework

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Our homework this term is a little different. I have made a grid of 9 different homework tasks based on the Rio Olympics. I have asked that students complete one task each week for the term.

This term we looking to improve the presentation and care taken in completing homework tasks, making sure that each task has a clear title, pictures and coloured in and all work is done to our best.

I would still expect that everyone is reading each night. The best way to get better at reading is to read! We are so lucky to be able to visit the public library, so everyone has access to lots of amazing books!

Term 3 Homework - Olympic Games 2016
The Olympic Rings
-What do they mean / symbolise?
-Who designed them?
-When were they made?
-What was the inspiration behind them?
The Team NZ Uniform

Design your own version of the NZ Olympic uniform for your favourite sport. Label the features of your design.
The Youngest Olympian

-How old were they?
-When did they compete?
-What sport did they compete in?
-Did they win any medals?
The Sports
-Pick a sport that you haven’t heard of or do not know much about.
-Write a brief explanation of the rules (e.g. 10 bullet points)
Supporting our Team

Design a banner and slogan to support our NZ Olympic team. You might choose a particular sport or the team as a whole.
The Oldest Olympian

-How old were they?
-When did they compete?
-What sport did they compete in?
-Did the win any medals?
The Olympic Mascot
-What is his name?
-What does he represent?
-What are his powers?
-Where does he live?
-What is his mission?
The Olympic Logo

The logo was designed to combine the beauty of the icons in Brazil, the diversity of the competitors and bringing people together. Design your own version of the logo and write a short explanation of its meaning.
The Gold Medal

If the Olympics were to be held in NZ, what would the gold medal look like? Draw your design and explain your ideas.

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